Airtel online bill payment – more the platforms, more is the fun

Do you love the fact that due to internet connectivity and smart phones you are able to make your Airtel online bill payment in matter of seconds nowadays? Most of us do. In fact using the mobile phone for making online payments is so easy – you do not even need to log into your desktop or laptop to connect to the World Wide Web and make payments online. Just use your small little handy smart phone – open the mobile website or an appropriate App and things are done with lightning speed. Most service providers today have launched their very own Apps that are meant to make the experience better and smoother for the user. Airtel has its App too for making Airtel online bill payments and mobile recharges.

Alternate method of online payment

The other way of making online bill payments is the use the mobile site of online retailers like Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe. These leading resellers today also have their own Apps like the Paytm App, the MobiKwik App and the PhonePe App that facilitate not only Airtel online bill payment but also payments of utility bills, mobile and DTH recharges, payment of school and college fees, EMI payments etc. More the resellers in the market, wider the gamut of services! In the end it is the end user – people like you and me – who are able to benefit the most as things are getting simpler and easier for us.

Competitiveness is proving to be beneficial to the subscriber

The cellular industry in India – whether it pertains to prepaid or postpaid connections – is at its competitive peak with operators launching new plans, rewards, discounts and benefits every other day to out beat the others in the market. And to top it, there are the online resellers who offer the subscribers additional rewards and deals to use their platform to top-up their prepaid connections and make their Airtel online bill payment. The reseller market is also equally competitive, and each is trying to woo the end user. So, in this competitive warfare in the virtual space, it is the end users – people like you and me – who stand to gain. Today literally, the customer is having the cake and eating it too.

It is one of those times where the customer is in actuality the king. Whether it is cellular operators, the resellers or the e-merchants out there, all seem to be caught up in the virtual race to reach maximum customers by providing them with maximum benefits. Even the Apps that are being made and launched today are done with the aim to enhance user experience – give them personalized attention and in return either gain a new customer or retain an old one. Online companies are also investing heavily in providing safe and secure environment to their customers so that they can share their confidential financial and personal information comfortably and securely for making online payments.

So, while operators and resellers are not stopping at passing on benefits and incurring expenses, end users too are not minding the added advantages that they are getting to enjoy in the process.